Uploaded: September 2021
Bill Gates Puppet Spoof

Hello Useless Eaters,

As your unqualified, non-elected global health overlord, I'd like to take this opportunity to flaunt my position of power and influence over society, and share some of my plans for you and your future.

When I amassed my fortune in computer software, I demonstrated that I was willing to lie, steal code, cheat my partners and exercise monopolistic control to destroy my competitors. Now that I've retired, I can rebrand myself as a humanitarian. With my for-profit foundation masquerading as a charity, I can advocate for population reduction and sponsor mass human experiments with unproven vaccines in vulnerable populations. Like my fater, a powerful banker, eugenicist and Rockefeller crony himself, it's always been my ambition to decide who lives and, more importantly, how many have to die.

Whether it's under the guise of climate change, or world health, it's really all about controlling and culling the human herd for fun and profit.

In November* of last year, I hosted "Event 201" - a war games simulation of a global pandemic. Leaders from private corporations, global banks, governments and the media got together to strategize ways they could align in Lockstep while responding to a worldwide health crisis.

Using a co-ordinated campaign of fearmongering, intimidation, social shaming and economic blackmail, we realised we could get around dangerous philosophies like individual liberty and national sovereignty.

With an obedient population, we would be free to implement our own top down solutions, like forced quarantines, social distancing, contact tracing and mandatory testing as a means to seize the technocratic control of society.

Now imagine my excitement when we had the opportunity to release.... uhhummm... declare our own global pandemic! It was my chance to look like the Nostradamus of Public Health, and position myself, and business partners like Dr Fauci, as the de-facto authorities on response and solutions.

Through exaggerated doomsday scenarios and computer simulations, our petty control freaks instituted harsh rules and draconian "Lockdowns". Even after our dire predictions proved false, scared and well-meaning people continued to submt to the arbitrary and foolish demands of their so-called leaders.

Having achieved Lockdown and Medical Martial Law, you'll continue to hold hostage your ability to congregate, work, travel... or do just about anything until WE'RE prepared to roll out our bigger plan. I'd like to call this "Pandemic 1", because believe me, we have others in the works.

Our final solution is to have you begging to be vaccinated, tag and to digitally track each one of you, like livestock. Not only will my foundation enjoy legal immunity, and trillions in profit, but these mandatory experimental vaccines will move us so much further down the road to absolute centralised global control. If only my good friend Jeffrey Epstein had been here to celebrate with me aboard the Lolita Express.

So, remember, global citizens, this will end when I say it ends. Could be a year, maybe 2 years, maybe never. I guarantee that if we have our way, it'll be at least until you are not able to do anything to stop it. Just surrender your personal freedom and common sense to our fear-merchants in government and the media, because none of this works unless you go along with it.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to do some "augmented reality spirit cooking" with Marina Abramovic.

Bye now!

*EVENT 201 was held on 19th October 2019.